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Tastebud Worthy Recipe: Stroopwafels

On one of my recent trips, I had a 19 hour layover in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, 19 hours is not long enough! I was able to explore a little bit of the city and was so happy to get introduced to stroopwafels.

Stroopwafels are basically the national cookie of the Netherlands. It is two thin waffle discs about the size of your palm, filled with a thin layer of caramel or honey. This chewy cookie is delicious as is, but I was told the proper way to eat it is with a cup of tea or coffee. First, you have to make sure your mug is no wider than the cookie. Pour your hot beverage in the mug, but make sure you leave some space at the top. You want to make sure the liquid does not touch the cookie. Then, set the cookie on top of the mug and let it warm up for a few minutes. When the cookie caves in, you’ll know it’s ready. The caramel or honey gets gooey and it’s so good! I bought a couple boxes to bring home and had it for breakfast with my tea every morning until I ran out. You can also have stroopwafels during tea time or as an after dinner dessert.

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Stroopwafels straight from the Netherlands

Here is a recipe to make your own fresh stroopwafels (you’ll need a waffle iron or a pizzelle iron), but I think it’s easier to just order it from Amazon!

Washington, D.C. – restaurants

I spent a weekend in Washington, D.C. for a bachelorette party. I can’t go into details about exactly what we did, but I’ll share the restaurants we went to.

After a night of heavy drinking, my friends and I walked around Dupont Circle area in search of some food. We stumbled upon this gem, Ping Pong Dim Sum. It isn’t an average dim sum spot; waitressess didn’t come around pushing carts of food. Our waiter handed us a checklist for the Unlimited Brunch menu and all we had to do was check off what food we wanted. Of course our eyes are bigger than our stomachs; we ordered way too much food. We got the Deconstructed Mimosa which was champagne poured over lychee popping boba. It kind of looks and has the texture of caviar; it’s definitely worth a try.

For dinner, we went to Osteria Morini. The restaurant is located in the Navy Yard next to The Yards Park. I actually thought this area was perfect for a date night (ahem, fellas). The girls and I sat outside for dinner and enjoyed the breeze from the river. We shared a delicious grilled octopus appetizer on a bed of couscous. We also shared the Casarecce Nero dish, which I thought would’ve had more flavor to it. I think I was expecting garlic overload like other squid ink pasta dishes that I’ve had. The Tagliatelle was delicious though. You can never go wrong with pasta and red sauce. After dinner, we walked around The Yards Park. There’s a gorgeous bridge that leads to a grass area and a wading pool. From there, lighted stairs that leads you up to a pretty florescent-lit fountain.

On our last day in DC, my friend and I walked around Dupont Circle in search of some real breakfast food. We asked a local and she suggested Teaism. The restaurant serves many types of tea and organic dishes. You can also buy tea to take home too. I ordered the Cilantro Scrambled Eggs and the Moroccan Mint Tea. The tea warmed my soul and made me feel whole again after a weekend of excessive drinking. My friend ordered waffles and shared her Aidells chicken and apple sausage with me. So yum!